Most homeowners think that they can quickly bag up their household trash and dump it in a garbage bin, and that's that. However, there's much more to waste removal than just taking out your trash container after every week. There is a need to take residential waste removal seriously, and the following are a few tips to help you achieve that in an eco-friendly manner. 

Sort Waste and Recyclable Materials

When taking out your residential waste, make sure to separate recyclable material from the trash. Avoid disposing of materials like plastic, cardboard or glass, which can be recycled into valuable items. For that reason, it's imperative to have a separate recycle bin and a garbage bin to allow for proper residential trash removal. Separating different types of trash allows for efficient waste removal and promotes environmental safety. 

Consider Prudent Use of Trash Can Space 

 After disposing of household waste, make sure that the lid on your trash container is appropriately closed when full. Consider investing in an extra disposal alternative if you have excess trash that won't fit in the trash bin. For example, you can choose trash bags or recycling cardboard, which offer extra storage space. That's an excellent way to use your trash can space wisely. 

Invest in a Dumpster

If you plan to relocate to a newer home or perform some scheduled home cleaning, consider renting a dumpster for that period. Most of the items and trash you need to throw away might be too much for a regular trash bin to handle. Therefore, it'll be a prudent idea to rent a dumpster for that matter, instead. You can place it in your driveway and use it to dispose of any waste for the agreed amount of rental time. 

Remove Your Trash Early

On your residential trash collection day, be sure to put out your household garbage the night before. Forgetting to do so can mean lots of garbage piling up in your home and putting your family's health at risk until the next pickup day. You also don't want to get into problems with your garbage collection company, which might fine you for not removing your trash on time. Most trash days are scheduled on the same day each week, which gives you the flexibility to plan accordingly. 

By remembering these four tips for your residential waste removal, you will have a smooth experience managing your trash every week. Excellent waste management is key to environmental conservation efforts. You will be playing your part in supporting eco-friendly garbage collection efforts, as well as contributing to a safe and comfortable neighbourhood. 

Contact a company that offers residential waste removal services to learn more.