In residential areas, skip bins are commonly used for weekly or monthly collection and removal of general waste. But that's not the only job that these waste bins can be used to perform. With different types of litter being generated in many Australian homes on a daily basis, homeowners are often faced with situations that call for skip bin rental outside of the usual hiring arrangements. Here are some special residential waste removal projects that may require you to rent skips in-between the usual rental intervals.


The beauty of your outdoor environment matters the same way as that of your living space or rooms. That is why you need to take time every once in a while to tidy up around the house. One of the things that you can do to accentuate the kerb appeal of your landscape is to manicure your lawn. This will require that you use a good lawn mower to cut any long grass into size: a job that will leave behind a trail of grass clippings to be cleared off your lawn. Once you are done mowing, you can use a lawn rake to heap up the grass clippings before collecting them. Skip bins are available for you to remove the heaps of waste collected in your lawn.

Another landscaping job that may require you to rent skips is gardening. Usually, DIY gardening is a pass-time that can generate a lot of green waste such as branches, weeds, leaves, rotten fruit, and so forth. When planning for a gardening project, make sure to rent skip bins in advance.

Spring cleaning

Occasionally, as you sort through your household possessions, you may notice that your house is crammed up with stuff you no longer need or use. Therefore, you may consider carrying out a spring cleaning job. Part of the job will involve identifying things that will have to be thrown away. Generally, these are items that you do not plan to tuck away in a storage unit, donate or sell to someone else. As you may end up with a considerable volume of rubbish as you are spring cleaning, it would be wise to use skip bin hire to help meet your waste removal demands.

Make sure to consult your local skip bin rental company in advance before embarking on any job you know will produce a significant amount of waste. This way, the company will help you choose the right type of skips for your project.