No one wants to live in a commercial facility with offensive odors. While your commercial bin might be for keeping waste, it's highly important to give it proper controls in order to avoid pest infestations and odors. Use the following tips to keep your commercial bin fresh, clean, and stink-free:

Keep the Bins in a Shady Area

Keep your commercial bin in a shaded area, particularly in the summer and spring. Doing so protects direct sunlight off them thus reducing their chance of heating up and releasing a pungent vapor.

Rinse all Dry Recycles

Prior to chucking out an empty milk carton, beans tin, yogurt pot etc, ensure you rinse them before binning. This ensures your bin doesn't have drips of sauces, milk etc thus reducing mess, flies, and smells. Your commercial bin will certainly be a 'bin-juice' free zone. That's a great thing, right?

Contain your Food Waste

Undoubtedly, the messiest and smelliest part of any household rubbish is food waste. Since food is organic waste, it will naturally rot away. The rotting creates a smell that attracts flies as well as other vermin to your bin. This is something that you should be keen to avoid.

Keep the Lids Fully Closed

Bins with swinging doors or lids help keep odors to a minimum. You'll also be able to keep off rats, birds, flies as well as other vermin. Additionally, it keeps rainfall out of the bins. Closing your bin tightly prevents your waste from dispersing across the neighborhood in case strong winds tumble the bin.

You should select a bin size that can handle an average day's refuse. Overfilled bins are not only messy, they are also smelly.

Use Anti-Odor Sprays

Another great way of keeping your bin fresh is by using anti-odor sprays. Applying some odor-absorbing material to the bin's fresh liner every time you replace it can fight off stench. They work by destroying the fungus, mold, and bacteria that cause odors. The sprays deploy a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance that masks any odors present. Some of the ingredients your anti-odor spray ought to have, include:

  • Baking soda
  • Pine chips
  • Cedar chips
  • Odor-eating kitty litter

For these sprays to work effectively, you must properly clean your commercial bin first.


Controlling odors in your bin shouldn't be challenging. By employing the above strategies, you'll surely be able to keep your commercial bins not only stink-free but also clean.